Engine Oil


Engine Oil

Oil Change Service Companies:

Speedco Oil Change Service
703 W. Park St,
P.O. Box 520,
Cayuga, IN 47928

Phone: 1-966-SPEEDCO

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Oil Analysis:

Blackstone Labs
416 East Pettit Ave,
Fort Wayne, IN 46806

Phone: 260-744-2380
eMail: bstone@blackstone-labs.com

Most owners feel it is Very Important to have an Oil Analysis done on their oil every oil change or at minimum every other oil change.

Below is some pertinent information from Blackstone Labs where most of us send our oil in for analysis unless we use an oil change service that does it for their customers.

Blackstone's Standard Oil Analysis:

Blackstone's standard analysis will tell you what you need to know about the condition of your engine and how it's wearing.

Their standard oil analysis costs $22.50 and includes the following:

  • Spectral Exam: Establishes the levels of wear metals, silicon, and additives present in the oil.  Also checks for coolant.

  • Viscosity: Determines the grade of oil.

  • Insolubles: Quantifies the percentage of solids present in the oil.

  • Flash Point: Determines the flash point of the oil.  We use the flash point to determine whether any contamination is present in the oil (determined when the flash is lower than the "should be" range).