Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs


Various topics of electrically related repairs:


  1. Volvo Turn Signals
    If your turn signals on your Volvo are inoperable one of these items may be the culprit.

    Start out by checking Maxi-Fuse #13 "40 Amp fuse", the flasher unit itself, fuse #67 "30Amp fuse" fuse #66 "30 Amp fuse", fuse #65 "20 Amp fuse" and finally fuse #64 "15 Amp fuse" and last but not least the bulbs if you have incandescent bulbs.

  2. Batteries Draining Down
    If your experiencing problems with your batteries draining down the next few links might lead you to the source and solution of your problems.

    A digital VOMmeter is used rather than analog meter (with needle).  For diagnosing automotive electrical systems a digital meter capable of displaying tenths of volts is required to analyze battery charge, voltage drops, etc.  Analog meters are not capable of the fine measurements (fractions of volts, etc.) that must be accurately measured.

    Parasitic Draw
    Key Off Battery Drain - Definition and Testing Procedure

  3. Defective Ignition Switches
    Several members have reported having problems with their batteries draining down and the cause was found to be Defective Ignition Switches.
  4. Daytime Running Lights
    Having problems with your DRLs.
  5. Volvo Turn Signal Issues
  6. Engine Won't Turn Off
    Your truck won't shut off unless you unhook your trailer
  7. Window and Mirror Switch Problems
  8. Electrically Challenged
    For those who are electrically challenged, here is an excellent tutorial about basic DC theory, circuits, systems operation, and troubleshooting.  The battery service module, pages 17-20 covers parasite battery drain troubleshooting.