Volvo Multiplexer Antenna Box

Volvo Antenna Multiplexor Box to FME Cell Phone Adapter


Some Volvo, generally VNL770s, have an antenna multiplexor which allows the two mirror mounted antennas to be connected to a CB Radio, a dash radio, and a cell phone.


Bill B (Bill) took these photos of the antenna multiplexor in his Volvo VNL630


If you want to connect your cell phone to the OEM multiplexor box in your Volvo for better cell phone reception you'll need aMini-UHF Male to Female FME Adapter as almost all cell phone cables utilize FME connectors.

The FME adapter's are rather hard to locate locally in most areas but you can purchase one online for around $13.00 which includes S&H at Pacific Cable listed under part number RFA-8253.



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