Binkley Hitch Heads

Binkley Hitch Heads

Most of the RV hitches use the Binkley hitch head.  This includes air ride and non-air ride hitches.

While the Binkley head is a solid design for relatively fool-proof operation, the construction of the Binkley head leaves something to be desired, especially with the higher pin weight trailers that many HDT owners use.

DIYGuy (Mark) used his engineering experience to design a replacement head for himself and has made the redesigned Binkley head available for purchase.

These points are from DIYGuy's web site:

Here's what I've learned about TrailerSaver and the Binkley head:

  • TrailerSaver has a 3 or 5 year warranty on their hitch depending on model, but that warranty doesn't cover the Binkley head or in the case of air hitches, the air bags.
  • TrailerSaver has a 1 year warranty on the Holland Binkley head.
  • The Binkley head for/aft articulation is a pair of solid metal pins, each turning on 2 sections of 1/4" plate steel with no bushings, bearings, or other means of preventing wear at that pivot point.
  • Holland recommends that the pivot pin NOT be greased so it doesn't attract dirt. TrailerSaver recommends greasing it. Who's right?
  • This means that the pivot pin is bare metal rotating on bare metal, exposed to the elements.
  • Bare metal rusts.

Compare the normal Binkley head


to this improved Binkley head.

For more information DIYGuy's Web site for information or ETHitch web site to buy.

The enhanced Binkley head is available through the ETHitch folks and is an excellent addition to the ETHitch or as a replacement to your hitch is the Binkley head should wear out.