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An Alternative Search Function for the Forum:

Note: This function is built into each page of this web site with the Search Escapees Forum with Google form at the top of the page.

Have you just about given up on the built in search on the forum?

Instead use Google to do the searching.

All you need to search a specific web site is add the word " site ", and a colon " : " and then the URL.

For example, to search for manufacturers that are out of business on RVNETWORK.COM, enter "manufacturers out of business" in the Google search area.

It will gave you the post you were looking for at the top of the list.

Here's the Example:;btnG=Search

- OR -

Manufacturers out of business

How to Add a Custom Avatar to Your Profile:

1. Click on your name on the top right of a Forum page and select My Settings

2. Click on Change My Photo

3. With Use a custom photo set, click on the Browse button and find the photo you want to use as an Avatar.

4. If the pgoto you want to use is on a web site, enter the URL (ex: http://website/image/photo.jpg.) in the Import a photo from a URL box and click the Import button.

How to Get the Correct Time Stamp on Your Posts:

1.Click on - My Controls - in the long thin space where you see your Screen Name/Log In/Log Out information near the top of every forum web page.

2.Click on the words - Board Settings - on the left side of the next page that opens up.

3.Now make sure you have a Check Mark where it says - Is Daylight Saving Time in Effect? - on the next page that opens up in your control panel board setting page.

4. If not you'll be off an hour on your Posting Stamp Times on every post you make if your current location observes Daylight Saving Time.

How to View Posts in a Larger Font Size:

Most browsers today have a Zoom function.  If you are using a scroll wheel mouse, usually holding the <Ctrl> key down while rolling the scroll wheel will enlarge or reduce the screen display.

A Key only Zoom is holdong the <Ctrl> key down and hitting the <+> or <-> key to enlarge or reduce the display.

Note -  If you have a prblem with the size of the font when in the Editor, do not use a larger font.  That will make a post that is hard for oothers to read. Use the Zoom mode instead.