Generators - Alternator/Inverter


Generators - Alternator/Inverter


Honda and Yamaha have a major share of the Alternator/Inverter based generator market.  Instead of the traditional generator that produces 120 volts AC at 60 cycles by controlling the speed of the engine, Alternator/Inverter Generators use an alternator, much like your car, that produces a rippled DC current that is turned into 60 cycle 120 volts AC.  Since the Inverter function controls the cycles and voltage, the engine can run at varying speeds depending on the current needed.  Allowing the engine to run slower provides for quieter operation, a feature highly desired in the RV environment.

Boliy Pro 3000SI

Brianwl (Brian) has reported that there is a lower cost alternative to the Hondas and Yamahas, the Boliy Pro 3000SI which comes with a RV 30 amp receptacle like the Honda EU3000s but at a price closer to the Honda 2000si.  The web site indicates a small company compared to Honda and Yamaha but it may appeal to the price conscience buyer.

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The all new Honda EU2000iA Companion generator is the exactly like the older EU2000i version with the exception that it only has one 20 Amp 125 Volt non twist-lock & one 30 Amp 125 Volt twist-lock receptacle in lieu of the two 20 Amp 125 Volt non twist-lock receptacles like the EU2000i has.

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Yamaha Bi-fuel & Tri-fuel Inverter Generators:

Carburetion Inc. is a Yamaha factory authorized alternative fuel conversion center that sells Yamaha generators that have been converted to Bi-fuel operation "propane/natural gas" and Tri-fuel operation "propane/natural gas/gasoline" Yamaha generators.

Propane offers both Yamaha and Honda Bi-fuel & Tri-fuel operation generator kits.

BTW, they have the same mailing address as US Carburetion Inc. so unless they simply share the same building they are in fact a sister companies with one offering kits for both Yamaha & Honda generators.


A 20 pound propane bottle holds about 4.1 gallons of LPG when full.

An EU2000i burns 0.297 gallons of LPG per hour at full load, 0.206 gph at 3/4 load and 0.101 gph at 1/2 load.  That means the run time per tank on propane should be about 13.8 hours at full load, 19.9 hours at 3/4 load and 40.5 hours at 1/2 load.


DIY EU2000i Tri-Fuel Conversion:

Tri-Fuel Kit for Honda EU2000i kit.


Honda EU2000i Yahoo Forum:

For those of you who own a EU2000i or two here is Honda_EU2000_Generators, the EU2000i Discussion Group on  The discussion group is a place for those with Honda EU2000i generator's to discuss features, tips, DIY and commercially available parallel box's, accessories and for getting the most out of these units - particularly for RV camping.

Also, this May be of interest to some, but then again, maybe not. - Generator Talk


DIY Multi Purpose Parallel Connection Box:

From 5th_Wheeler (Jon):
For the DIY'ers, this photo is a link to pictures w/construction details for the Multi Purpose Parallel Connection Box that I made.




4mm Shrouded Banana Plugs:

From 5th_Wheeler (Jon):
I've found two online sources that sell the 4mm Shrouded Banana Plugs that will accept a thick jacketed 12 gauge wire with a little tweaking.


In order for a thick jacketed 12 gauge wire to pass through the small hole on the rear of the threaded end caps you'll have to Carefully drill out the hole a little larger on the rear portion of the threaded caps but it's Doable if you Take Your Time.

It is also recommended that you Carefully Pry Out the Small Red Tips from the metal pieces that plug into the generator before you do your soldering or you'll More Than Likely Melt the Tips before you can get your connection hot enough to accept the solder.

From 5th_Wheeler (Jon):
The last time I checked the Banana Plugs were available at Mouser Electronics under part numbers "Black" #548-32603-0 & "Red" #548-32603-2 -OR- from MCM Electronics under part numbers "Black" #69-173 & "Red" #69-174.

When I purchased my plugs Mouser Electric was a little more reasonable on their shipping charges but then again that was quite a while ago so be sure to compare S&H charges before placing an order with either source.

I'll add that it isn't necessary to use Red and Black Banana Plugs on your parallel connection box as either of the two plugs intended for a separate generator on the parallel box (no matter the color) can be plugged into either female receptacle on a Honda inverter generator without damaging the generator as the plugs are backward compatible.




Honda Generator Replacement Parts:



If your in need of replacement parts for your Honda generator and prefer using an online retailer I highly recommend using Plano Power located in Plano, TX - Phone: 972-423-5220.


How to Get the Most Bang for your Buck from the Honda EU6500is:

There was a long running thread pertaining to the Honda EU6500is as not being a particularly good investment for RV applications due to the fact that the generator puts out no where near the reported 6,500/5,500 watts = 120/240V 6500W max.  (54.1/27.1Amps) or 5500W rated (45.8/22.9Amps.) which would cause problems trying to run one 15,000 BTU or two 13,500 BTU AC's simultaneously.

 RVnBikerBob (Bob) posted a work around that resorts to some trickery to put all the possible current (Amps) from the generator online with the use of a homemade Cheater Adapter that plugs into either 30 Amp twistlock receptacle on the control panel.

With the use of the Cheater Adapter you should be able to operate two 13,500 BTU AC's simultaneously unless your camping at higher elevations as each 1,000 feet of elevation above sea level reduces a generators output by roughly 3% per 1,000 feet.



For those who are electrically challenged, here's the wiring schematic 5th_Wheeler (Jon) drew that should answer any questions you have about properly wiring the adapter.