HDT Drivers License

DL Requirements for Operating a Converted HDT



The ChangingGears web site has a listing of CDL requirements in regard to RVs.

The basic research done on ChangingGears was verified and expanded in respect to fifthwheel towing with a HDT or MDT.  The main goal was obtaining authorities from state codes, not just state drivers and CDL manuals.  The result are State Listing of RV Drivers License. 


It is recommended that you call your local drivers license bureau to confirm for yourself that the facts posted on changingears.com are correct before taking your new rig on the road.

Air Brake Endorsement

With a very few exceptions, there is not an Air Brake Endorsement.   You need to think of this way, if you have a Class A license, you with be certified for Air Brakes as they are required for the test.

If you have a Class B license, if you take the test without Air Brakes, then your license with have a restriction against using Air Brakes.

How do You Get a Newly Acquired HDT Home After Your Purchase:

There are varying opinions about what is required to legally drive a newly purchased HDT to your state of residency after making your purchase in another state.

Forum members discuss how they confronted this issue in How do you get it home once you've bought it?

From 5th_Wheeler (Jon):
In my case, I had the truck insured as a MH then had my insurance provider fax me a copy of the policy then I affixed a copy of the bill of sale from my selling to the front windshield along with hand written notebook sized "Private RV, Not For Hire" signs written with a black marker on either door window then I proceeded on the trip back home.


From Mark & Dale Bruss (Mark):
I know of a person who contacted me about what he should do about getting the truck home.  Since the person was close to changing residence to South Dakota, I recommended getting the truck registered in South Dakota first before moving it.  I also recommended making a quick trip to SD to get his license.  the person failed to follow my recommendations, picked up the truck and drove to his current home state, California.  The CHP nailed him at the state line and threw the book at him. Not registered, no IFA, no driver's license, and on and on.  The fines were over $4,000.

Think a lot about taking the risk of driving the truck home without being cover by truck and drivers license.  Remember it is a commercial truck until it is registered as a motorhome or whatever.  One of the ramifications of getting nailed from driving a commercial vehicle without a commercial driver's license is the possible lifetime ban from getting a CDL.


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