Definitions - Humorous


Some humorous definitions

DETROIT DIESEL A Northerners feeble attempt at moonshine
EXHAUST BRAKE the action that occurs amongst male HDTers when sitting around the campfire after too much beer and too many beans
FORWARD, MID, OR REAR POSITION OF DRIVE AXLE Detailed in "Kama Sutra for the Heavy Duty Truck"
HEADACHE RACK That pretty young thing you always stare at when fueling the HDT and which causes your wife (significant other) to whack you on the head with any available object!
The end results of your feet slipping off the pedals of your bike and straddling the center bar while riding around the campground.
JACKALOPEE The "pet" name for the first hair piece owned by an original HDTer enshrined in a mystical black box
JUGGERnaut (alternative spelling "naught") A HEADACHE RACK wannabe
SINGLEING What occurs when receiving the divorce papers after staring at too many HEADACHE RACKs!!
SMART CAR The opposite sex counterpart of a "dumb truck". In other words what your wife drives
TENNESSEE WALKER An affliction localized to an area in Mid Tennessee after an evening of Bushmill's and cigars, if continued throughout the evening can progress to the TENNESSEE TROTTERs (warning two forum members have already been infected)
WEED BURNER An HDTer who is still longing for the 60's