LED Lighting

LED Lighting


Gen II Volvos and LED Lights

Gen II Volvos have a Light Control Module that monitors the status of the truck lights to indicate when one is burned out. This module works by monitoring the current draw of the light bulbs. When LED lights are substituted for incandesce bulbs, the Light Control Module often reports this as an error.

Lighting User Guide.

An excellent Guide to Truck Lighting including electrical basics,  LightingUserGuide.pdf

From 5th_Wheeler (Jon):
Cool Lookin Innovative Lighting 251 Series 15" Slimline LED Sidemarker/Clearance Light Bars with Amber bulbs that come in a choice of two lens colors "Amber or Clear".

You can see the clear lens version on Enophile (Rich)'s VNL770 that he had purchased at a higher price from Vehiclelight.com before I posted the lower price offered by Blake Sales.

Myself an quite a few other people on a Ford Forum "TDS" that I use to frequent purchased these lights and we were all pleased with the price and service extended by Blake Sales.



The lights appear to have 11 LED's, however they actually have only 3, one in the middle and 1 on either end.

BTW, these light bars are also available in a 3rd Brake Light/ID Light version as well as a 3rd Brake Light/Turn Indicator version.

Blake Sales also sells Led lighting by Grote and Truck-Lite plus a variety of other items but I've never asked for a price quote on other items that they sell.


Efficient 12 Volt Lighting?:

CurrentDrawAnalysis.pdf on LED versus incandessent bulbs

LED Lighting