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Fuel Information


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Diesel Fuel Lubricity Additives Study:

The following are the preliminary results of a research study on diesel fuel Lubricity Additives.

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The USEIA web site has a good bit of energy related information that might be of interest to some including information about current US diesel & gas prices.

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Nationwide Truck Stops with IdleAire Connections:

(ATE) System delivers Shorepower & More!  ATE allows truck drivers to turn off their engines instead of idling them to heat/cool the cab and use in-cab accessories while resting or waiting to load or unload.

Shutting off the engine saves the truck owners fuel & money, eliminates emissions associated with the extended idling of heavy-duty diesel trucks, and improves drivers' living and working conditions.

ATE also provides drivers with many comforts of home, including filtered heating and air conditioning, 110-volt outlets inside and outside the cab, a Pentium-speed computer with color touch screen, and various communications and entertainment services.