Replacement Mufflers

Replacement Mufflers


First off, if you haven't priced an OEM replacement muffler from your local Volvo, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner or any other HDT truck manufacturers parts department you'll be in for a Real Shock at the prices they quote you on OEM replacement mufflers!

Therefore, it is advised is to go with a quality aftermarket muffler from one of several high end muffler manufacturers such as Walker.

Walker Mufflers:

Walker HD mufflers have a 1 year warranty versus the limited lifetime warranty on their Mega-Flow mufflers and a 4 year warranty on their Noisebreaker mufflers.

Walker Center Inlet to Center Outlet Model Numbers:
Walker Model Walker Part Number Vendor Part Number
Standard HD muffler #22920 #WLK-22920 #289-22920
Mega-Flow muffler: #22963 #WLK-22963 #289-22963
Noisebreaker muffler #22980 #WLK-22980 #289-22980
Noisebreaker muffler #2298 #WLK-22981 #289-22981


From 5th Wheeler (Jon):
Based on the length of warranty, my discounted purchase prices through a friend that owns a muffler shop and last but not least after speaking with a Walker Online Representative about their mufflers I opted to go with a Walker Mega-Flow #22963 for the Weedburner Conversion on my VNL770.


From Mark & Dale Bruss (Mark):
When Red Rover needed a muffler replacement, I ordered a Dynaflex from Iowa80.  The price was the lowest Iowa80 had.  At idle, the Dynaflex has a throatier sound but when I am running, the exhaust is quiet enough.  In fact, when we first were running with the new Dynaflex, Dale had to ask if the Jake Brake was on.