Welcome to The Heavy Hauler RV Resource Guide

This Resource Guide is an accumulation of information derived from the discussion on the Escapees HDT Forum and supplemented by research by members. The Guide's goal is to help in the process of acquiring and setting up a truck to be a Heavy Hauler RV with the capability of towing large 5th-wheel trailers.

If you are new to the Escapees HDT forum or have been a Lurker for awhile and you're considering moving up to the world of HDTs please take a few minutes to tell us a little bit about yourself - via the link below - and by all means don't be shy about asking any questions you might have about towing your 5th-wheel with a converted HDT.

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This website started with the accumulation of information compiled by 5th_Wheeler (Jon) in the Sticky threads on the Escapees HDT Forum. We owe a lot to 5th_Wheeler for his efforts.

Another source of information is found on Facebook at HDTRVs Group.