HDT Insurance in Wisconsin


HDT Insurance in Wisconsin

23 June 2010
08:43 AM
Well, among my welcome back to WI experiences, another popped up yesterday.  Pekin Insurance who initially took my HDT insurance (as well as four other vehicles) is dropping me as of July 14th.  Nice folks that they are they said they would charge me as commercial even though they know I am NOT....geesh....

Usual BS even though I showed them my title/registration as a motorhome.  I did the search function, but didn't find anything specific to Wisconsin.  Sooooooo....................

What insurance companies are you WI/Northern IL folks using ???
Thanks much,

John (C-IL)
23 June 2010
08:59 AM
I'm using Country insurance for everything, I'm pretty sure they are in WI.  My insurance agent never batted an eye when I told him what I was doing, just sent him a picture.

Here is their web page, you can put your ZIP in the search box and find an agent near you.
Country Financial Auto

23 June 2010
10:23 AM
We are using Allied Insurance.  I have it through Trese Hallett, RV Specialist, Farm & City Insurance Services, Ph:800-331-1520, E-mail:thallett@rvadvantage.com.
23 June 2010
04:52 PM
Thanks to both of you....
Making contact with both of them...
Jeff- C IL
23 June 2010
05:14 PM
Thanks for saving me some time!  I'm currently using Country, and like John, no problem.  However, Pekin has been so great for my parents since their accident I was considering getting a quote.  Looks like I won't bother!
23 June 2010
07:26 PM
Bob, check the resource guide.  There was some not too flattering mention of Trese in there the last time I read it.
24 June 2010
03:38 PM
I use Thum Insurance Agency out of Michigan.
They will insure in Wisconsin.
They go through National Interstate.
Only catch I have found is that if I carry full coverage on the 5er I have to have full coverage on the Semi.