Insurance and Maximum GVWR

Insurance and Maximum GVWR

Insurance and Maximum GVWR

Nuf Truck
19 July 2012
07:32 PM
Bob mentioned Blue Sky stated they will not insure a Class 7 or higher as an RV/MH - i.e., they must be at 26000 lbs or less. I am moving my question to a new topic, because it's buried in the other one and largely off-topic.

I haven't been staying current with the various insurance threads, but Bob's comment caught me by surprise, "Eric told me flat out..."

I'd guess most of us are registered at greater than 26,000 GVWR. I'm at 33,000 lbs, and a couple years ago when my insurance was up for renewal, I contacted Eric at Blue Sky for a quote -- lots of folks had been recommending them. He did not make any such caveat, and I described my truck both physically and as a "Class 7". He provided me a quote, however, it was a few hundred per year more than another company, so I went the other way.

I just wanted to double check -- Blue Sky now will not insure Class 7's?

Are other insurers also so restricting their new underwritings?

Thanks, Cal;

Bob Cochran
19 July 2012
08:59 PM
Cal I am glad you moved this and let me expound a little.

When I called Eric he did say that if registered over 26001 lbs they would not insure it. He did say if under 26001 lbs they consider it a MDT not an HDT and if I included the 5er the premium is a lot less.

Now others have told me they had no problem with Blue Sky but their state allows and they had registered their HDT as a MH. I know it should not make a difference and we have discussed and cussed this but they do.

Some just called Eric to insure their truck and he did not ask(like he asked me no matter the MH is over 26001) and they did not tell and they got insurance I worry that at some later date and had an accident their might be an out for them not to pay. I personally not thrilled with the don't ask don't tell.

Some have said they told Eric their truck was HDT, class 8,etc. and he said nothing. Does it make a difference in which state you register the truck? I don't have a clue but it could and Arizona is a problem child cannot register as a MH.

Eric also had no problem with the truck being tandem and some have said their insurance would not cover a tandem the same goes for road service(a whole other topic).

Eric also said they did not care how much I bobtail they had no problem.

Insurance is strange some have their truck insured say by Progressive, State Farm, etc. but when I approached them they said no way. Is that because of being in Arizona I don't know. Insurance if I could get from the others said they would only insure commercial and premiums are beyond belief for what we do.

Some will say I am fibbing or full of BS but I can only pass on what my experience has been and let you all decide for yourself.

My experience my not typify others and for sure it was not from what I am told by some.

I probably should have kept quite as I may have confused more than helped.

Coach Net said they would not cover my tandem(I had it in writing from them) but Good Sam said no problem(I had also in writing). Again most said I was full of it for various reasons even though I had it in writing and posted their responses from the horses mouth so to speak. The same for the insurance issue for what ever reason we all do not seem to be able to get a consistent response and I so wish we could on these 2 subjects.

I will probably get flamed for this post but I can only again state my own experience and let it go at that.

So for others don't be surprised with the answers you get they seem to change daily.

I had to edit my typing!!!!

Oh another edit. we are talking about GVWR not the combined total GCVWR. In my case if I am scaled my truck even with the 5er will not exceed my register GVWR but 5er does exceed 10,001 lbs which in Arizona means I have to have a class A CDL even though truck is under 26,001 lbs in fact just scaled is just under 18,000 lbs. Arizona is strange as I did nto need a CDL to pull this 5er with my 1 ton dually!!! 

Chad Heiser
20 July 2012
04:19 AM


When I insured my new truck with Blue Sky through RV America, I was asked how much my truck weighed. I told them I was not physically in possession of the truck yet (it's still at 2L having the interior re-done). They asked me if it weighed less than 26000 lbs. I told them it physically weighed less than that, but based on the axle capacity it would have a GVW greater than 26000 lbs. I was told that as long as the truck physically weighed less than 26000 lbs, I was OK and they would insure me. (Of course they also wanted to insure the 5er. They were also fine with me running bobtail and pulling other trailers ie boat, motorcycle, atv, etc.) ;
'Nuf Truck
20 July 2012
07:15 AM
Thanks for clarifying... clearly different companies are reacting differently to us, and perhaps each company and several individuals within each are making it up a little as they go along.... We're not yet viewed by the underwriters or insurance management as a cohesive market, maybe they're a little conflicted as to whether we a better than average liability risk or a worse than average risk. I'd have thought we would be sought after (compared to standard LDT/rv setups). In any case, it can be confusing as heck.

Thanks, Cal

20 July 2012
10:36 AM


We have Allstate and it is only $310 a year full coverage with the HDT registered as an RV.
22 July 2012
09:51 PM
Chad - that was exactly my experience too. When I was signing my documents to fax back to Blue Sky, I noticed one that was essentially my assurance to them that my truck was a MDT. I called Eric back and told him that my truck was a HDT, not MDT. He said "Don't worry about it, we consider your trucks to be MDT's as long as the vehicle weight is less than 26,000". There was a place on the form to indicate that, but it referenced the weight as GVW - which for me is 52,000 lbs. I changed it to 23k and change which is what my truck weighs with no load on it) and noted that it was "Vehicle Weight", not GVW. Eric was content with that and I got my insurance!
Ray H
22 July 2012
10:20 PM
When I changed to Blue Sky and spoke with Eric, He asked what the truck weighed (19,000# curb weight with the steel bed), how many axles (2 as it's singled), and the registered weight (not the GVWR). Mine is registered/licensed in the State of Arizona at 26,000# (1 pound under the magic number of 26,001#) and that is the weight number used to calculate my annual Arizona registration/tag costs. That actually leaves me approx 6K plus lbs of available pin weight which my toyhauler doesn't come close to. I had no trouble qualifing as a MDT under Blue Sky's underwriting guidelines. I too had to give them my toyhauler coverage. For that, they cut over 1/3 of the annual premium off Progressive, for the same coverage on both the HDT & Toyhauler. I can live with that.

Ray H.

'Nuf Truck
23 July 2012
03:58 PM
These various statements don't really clear up Blue Sky's policies, which seem a little variable to say the least. Moreover, I think "most" HDTs converted to RV tow vehicles will have a GVWR greater than 26,000, so it sounds like if Blue Sky knows it they won't insure it. I've never heard of a "registered weight" being different than a GVWR, but then I am only familiar with a couple Northwest states as far as that goes. I hope I'm wrong about Blue Sky, I've always hoped they were an alternative for me when the inevitable BIG premium increase happens to me from Progressive.
Ray H
23 July 2012
04:30 PM
My registered weight is listed in bold print right on the truck's Arizona Registration. In AZ, we have these special temporary truck inspection stations that pop up, usually set up in a rest area. If I get flagged in and weighed, I'm only allowed 26,000 lbs on the truck, even though the axles are rated for 32,500. Anything over 26K and I get the privilege of making a major contribution to the state coffers. In Arizona, your registration/license fees are partially based on the maximum weight of the truck tires on the road. You get to choose & pay for the weight you want to have listed on your registration. Best not to estimate too low as the fines are not friendly to your wallet. Not a bad way to do things but on the flip side, we don't have the ability to register as a motorhome or obtain a Non-Commercial Class A License. Life is different in every state and it's worked for me with Blue Sky. One thing about any insurance company's underwriting rules. They're sort of like the weather. They can change at any time.

Ray H.

25 July 2012
05:08 AM
Along with other problem (separate post) our insurances was up for renewal this month. I use Dougherty in SD and they (Amy and Dan) have been great. Originally started with Triumphe that write for National Interstate. Premiums went from $10xx to $11xx the next year to $1477 this year.
Amy had the initiative to call me and ask if I wanted them to pursue other options. Well Yeah of course. No accidents/tickets and a $250+ increase with Natl Interstate.
Seem Dougherty is writing for Blue Sky now.
In less than 15 minutes I had my Blue Sky documents emailed for a premium of $1061, same coverage. She did as if I was singled ("good" she says) but never a question about weight. Now I can take the money I saved and give it to Cummins
'Nuf Truck
25 July 2012
07:23 AM
I'm no expert in insurance matters. BUT... I'm not so sanguine regarding what didn't get asked by the broker and how that affects or doesn't affect my coverage and cost. Because I'm not asked what my GVWR is, or my actual weight is, etc., I wouldn't conclude all is well. If Blue Sky has a policy of not insuring above 26K GVWR, or above 26K actual weight, or whatever, but they write me a policy because that question didn't get asked or they misunderstand the answer, then down the road if I have a significant claim do they bail on me as they investigate the claim and their coverage of me?

Blue Sky seems to be inconsistent on the maximum GVWR question, maybe that is not unusual. But I'd be reading the fine print very carefully since they are, to see exactly what the underwriting assumptions and restrictions are.

It shouldn't be difficult to get decent coverage at a fair price for the use of a converted HDT, used or new, for our application. But seemingly it is for now at least.

Good luck, I hope all of this is hand wringing and that if you have a claim they stand by you.


Bob Cochran
25 July 2012
03:10 PM
Cal you are exactly right I don't think don't ask don't tell is not a good thing at least in my mind. I cam right and asked about weight, tandem, bobtail, etc. did not want no surprises. Blue Sky came through and we will see when I have a claim. Not a lot different than other companies it seems but more so with the HDT's.
26 July 2012
08:27 PM
Bob and Cal, there is no "don't ask don't tell" about this but I see your concern so I went back and read and re-read all the documents again.

On my application that came from Blue Sky thru Dougherty and lists Companion Property & Casualty on the heading there is no place for any weights of any kind. They ask type (MDT), year, model, VIN (which crosses to a HDT), cost and usage (full time).
Also on my Policy Decelerations (the legal mumbo jumbo) that has all the definitions etc. there is NO mention of weight or class of vehicle.
As Dougherty is my agent (and been in the business for quite awhile) I believe they take some or all responsibility for placing my with a company.

I really have no idea how the insurance industry works or how all these entity's work together. Based on the seemingly inconsistent answers we receive:
-Is Blue Sky "an agent's agent"?
-Is there a difference in their response based on what state your registered in?
-Seems different people get different applications (Blue had to state weight)? Is this based on state or which company Blue Sky places your with?
-Of all of us that have "Blue Sky" is the header on your Decelerations with the same company (Companion Property & Casualty in my case)?

I used to try to deal directly with some of these insurance companies but found the same as many of us do. You can't compare apple to apples and I don't speak their language.
I decided it was taking too much of my time and that an agent, in this case, is the way to go.
Just like I wouldn't represent myself in court I don't intend to deal directly with insurance companies.

Best of luck to all in this quest. It is truly a confusing mess.            

Bob Cochran
26 July 2012
10:00 PM
Ray it is and I just try to be truthful and provide all the information I think is necessary wither asked or not it makes me feel I did my part. At that point just got to trust the agent until or if I find out otherwise. I just float around in my blishful wonderful world until the bubble breaks.  Sure is nice here!!!  It is like stocks and such I admittedly don't know what I am doing so I hired a Financial Adviser who I did investigate thoroughly and let her handle the investments; I monitor and guide in general terms. After that just got to trust no knowledge to do otherwise. Now back to the more fun stuff finish the installation of my HDT shocks i should have my missing parts tomorrow end of the day delivery!!!!  Now if they are only the right parts!!!!

27 April 2013
11:10 AM


Well,,, for us who stayed TANDEM, please stand by!


My policy (since 2007) went from $12xx to $14xx (2 years ago) to $16xx last year;  Nat'l. Interstate (aka, Triumph) asked for pics last month -- their underwriter decided to look more closely; when they saw the tandem axles, they said they would not renew!


So,,, the search is on;  I await ONE more quote (from Farm & City), before we pull the trigger.


I have quotes (thru agency folks, NOT directly with any carrier); so far, we are still pretty high:

- Garden City (using Progressive), is at $16xx

- Blue Sky (using RLI) is at $17xx

- FCIS (using Allied) is at $12xx -- pending underwriter acceptance

- Miller said they could not help me (with Progressive or anyone else)

- Foremost (via my homeowner Farmer's agent) said same as Miller


Talking at length with the guys at Blue Sky, they are in AZ and indicate the MDT criteria is static truck weight -- in my case, we are at 21,000 with a full load of fuel; if less than 26,001, all is a-okay.

Talking at length with FCIS, Trese says...

- Allied will write MDT policy (for tandem is what's pending);

- Progressive will write HDT policy (yep, same says Garden City);

- National Interstate will write MDT and (now, it seems) only if singled,,, no longer likes tandem!

- she recommends $500K CSL for liability, comp & collision (plus $1M umbrella, uses RLI for that)

So, we will pull the trigger this week... probably on Monday, probably going with Blue Sky -- they seem to be more "clear" on full-timer's coverage.  They (also) come out ahead on ERS coverage (claim to be more like Coach-Net than Progressive) and emergency payment coverage (if my 5'er is laid up for break-down OR covered claim, we get compensation up to $5K, vs $750 from Progressive if laid up for covered claim).

YMMV,,, more to follow!


27 April 2013
01:11 PM

Don, please give an update when done. I have been told by Triumph (through Explorer) that they will not renew me either (same reason tandem) in July. Will be looking this week (cut off Triumph early since they don't like my truck even though with them since 2005 with no claims, and get money back from their pockets) so would love the benefit of your hard work if possible.


Jack Mayer
27 April 2013
07:51 PM
What is not clear with Allied on fulltimming. We have our policy with them, through Farm and City. It seems pretty clear to me - but I'm wondering if I overlooked something. It is REALLY IMPORTANT to have a proper fulltiming policy. That is why I'm asking.
27 April 2013
11:35 PM

Trese was AMAZING to discuss the issues -- well versed on all but the latest issue with Triumph (aka, Nat'l. Interstate); she contacted her underwriter there and confirmed "Yep, they will not write any policy for tandem, 3-axle toters", period... says it has to do with what they've registered to underwrite in their state filings. (No more details on the issue seem to be forthcoming!)

Jack -- to your Q, Allied has still not confirmed their criteria, hence we don't know if we'll pass muster with them... yet!

Now, moving on to full-timer policies:  there seems abit of variation in THAT criteria, as well!  For us, we could argue we're not (since we now own a home in AZ), but that's not (typically) their *only* criteria.  Progressive (according to Garden City) pushes us into full-timer status if we live in the RV over 150 days per year... so, the OP quote will increase by over $300.  We *could* obscure the Volvo usage below 150 days (if the underwriter even accepts that combination), since we do stay in one place 1-3 weeks at a time, when not traveling to a destination... and winter usage has us sit still 2-3 months in Calif, then 2-4 mos in AZ.  BUT, we do spend 6+ mos/yr in the RV as our home. (I think it was Trese, maybe not though, that asserted we're not full-timers, since we own a home!?!)

Whatever policy we choose, we are scrutinizing the terms to ensure adequate coverage (including vacation/personal liability) and medical payments if someone gets hurt while visiting our "RV" home.  IF (big if) the AZ-homeowner's policy will cover us, then I sure don't need the extra cost in the RV policy; regardless, we intend to carry $1m personal liability umbrella (and scrutinize it's terms).

We now pay about $600/yr for homeowner's policy... and looking at paying nearly $2K for the RV -- minus the smart (another $500/yr)!@!  Okay,,, I understand we *might* be an increasing risk as we age, plus the big truck will do more damage than the F-450 they'd like us to use -- but, 30-50% more than our peers in LDT?!?  I don't think so!  (OTOH, it is what it is;  we gotta have the coverage,,, thankfully, it's NOT a show-stopper to us, financially --- it just reduces the grand-kids education trust fund/inheritance!)

Jack Mayer
28 April 2013
09:36 AM

I understand, now, Don. We are "real" fulltimers, although I suppose we could argue that we own property....But no house. We are trailer trash 24x7x365. 

I'm with Farm and City primarily because of Trese. She knows her stuff and I don't think there will be surprises on our part about our policy. Plus, she actually knows the answers to obscure HDT questions and if she does not, she will find out the REAL facts.  I no longer just price shop, although that is certainly a consideration. 

We also have an umbrella over our policies....I think it is a requirement in today's world....Just my opinion. On a related point, I'm also going to put a dash cam into the new truck. They are cheap enough now that I consider it cheap insurance.

28 April 2013
10:28 AM
So, what do they do with a bus chassis tandem or tag axle MotorHome that weighs in at 50,000+ pounds?  I wonder if they insure it or refuse?  Too many of them on the road not to insure.
28 April 2013
02:25 PM

It seems that no matter how we "register" our HDT's or what we call them, a lot of insurance companies (and others) seem to go by the actual manufactured usage. Even those big motorhomes with Freightliner front ends aren't "tractors", because they are ordered from Freightliner to be "motorhomes", and that is what their VIN reflects. 

Bob Cochran
28 April 2013
10:19 PM

I don't want to get to far off so will make a quick note. Jack did you see where Iowa80 had those cams I think for $170 or $180 I believe a few weeks ago. Have no idea the quality I just seem to recall seeing it in an ad I think.

Ok after this brief commercial back to the intended OP.   I think I said previously I have Blue Sky as long as HDT registered for a weight less than 26,001 lbs? If I didn't I just did!!! 

01 May 2013
10:50 PM

Well, here's the (final?) verdict...

We had THREE different options (see above), FCIS got us with Allied for under $1100 (once we raised the deductibles to $2500);  before that, at $500 deductible, it was $1364.  Using the higher deductible, the overall cost came down $250;  also, we dropped the $48 glass coverage after research reveals a new windshield is under $300 (for a commodity vehicle, like our Volvo).

Now, the caveats:

- Volvo moves our "house" to destinations, then sits -- except for maintenance... use is 30-150 days/year;

- 5'er is noted as "Full Timer - seasonal use"... that works for us (now that we have our own place to use when in AZ);

- ONE more biggie (or 4?) -- love the $500K CSL AND $2500 deductible on comp/collision & under/uninsured items.

Blue Sky had simpler/broader definitions on "full timer" coverage among all the quotes; Allied and Progressive each have the 30-150 days/yr limits on the truck-usage portion... we can live with that, since we sit for weeks at a time, once we reach any given destination.  (For truly, full-tiime truck usage, Progressive will charge $21xx, to exceed 150 days/yr of use).

I had thought about checking with Thumb, Reiss, & Farm Bureau -- gotta say, I simply ran out of "gas" (and time & interest) with the 5 I did contact... once we got to our drop-dead date.  IF we had not been accepted by Allied, I woulda picked Blue Sky -- the rep.s were in Tucson (so, they understand & define MDT as toter that weighs less than 26,001 #), *and* their full-timer coverage does not place restrictions on the number of days per year usage... to me, for ANY full-timer, that is huge!

Of course, YMMV -- HTH!


p.s.  Under $200 (?), I'd love to have a dash-cam (and move it from the truck to car) for all-the-time coverage!  I've read there are a lotta drivers doing that in other countries, just in case objective evidence might be useful!

p.p.s.  I'd love to ask Randy's Q -- I'm gonna guess they have a category for "motor coach" that they decided against using for our HDT-conversions!

Jack Mayer
02 May 2013
08:02 AM
Don, search on ebay for Leviathan_holdings user. He has the dash cam I'm going to try - I'll upgrade the size of the memory card. But it looks like it will work well for $79 (last I checked). I don't know anyone that has tried this product...but he generally has pretty good stuff for the price. So we will see.....
02 May 2013
09:59 AM
To those of you who "were told by (whoever) that you were covered", GET IT IN WRITING. If you trust the agent, that's really nice. But he has "E&O" (Errors and Omissions) coverage, and if your ins company balks, you then have that coverage to turn to if he screwed up by writing it. He said/she said goes out the window after a major loss.
02 May 2013
02:49 PM
Well I am going through Bluesky, they gave me a decent quote (under Triumph's rate last year) when I bundled the Smart Car into the equation. Easy this way 1 bill per year instead of 3. I did tell them it was tandem, but licensed at under 26,000 lbs which it is. Agent in my case was RV America.
08 May 2013
07:24 AM

Dougherty called us yesterday as it is nearing policy renewal time...,lots of ??? about the truck, axles, weight...Jacque stated that Nat'l Interstate was "investigating" policy holders like us.   Turns out that after seeing a scanned photo of our "single" axle truck, and sending the photo to the underwriters,  she told us that we could ignore the  non-renewal letter had already been mailed.   The underwriters said the photo is what changed their mind.....not sure I understand that logic, there are plenty of singled commercial vehicles on the road.

Regards Gemstone

08 May 2013
09:59 PM
Likely because they are losing business from several of us! I'm still tandem so did not even bother with discussing it further with them, just took away the business they had for 7 yrs with no 
Bob Cochran
09 May 2013
09:35 PM
It has always frustrated me and I am sure others when insurance companies say they will not insure because we are tandem!!! They will insure MH's that are tandem and even out weigh my HDT. It makes NO sense but I am not sure they have to and I have no idea how to get them to listen to reason. Oh well just a little whining luckily there are a few who will insure but it seems there are getting less and less.  Feel better now though. 
10 May 2013
08:55 AM

Jack -- thanks for that tip,,, will look into that dash cam.

Bruce -- interesting thought;  I am revisiting that item (ie, smart car) right now, as ours is up for renewal.  Trese (also) wants our business on the smart (but, maybe, Blue Sky will be competitive), tho they were nearly $600 higher than Allied (thru FCIS).


Jack Mayer
10 May 2013
08:58 AM
Don, you will not beat Geico on the smart....for us, because we did not have a "home" we could not stay with them. But they were by far the cheapest.
Dave & Jenney
16 October 2013
03:55 PM

I received information back from National Interstate with regard to the non renewal on my RV policy. 

They are requesting the following:

Photographs of the exterior showing all 4 sides of the unit.

Photographs of the interior showing the following required equipment

  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • LP-gas / propane system
  • Bathroom Facilities (built in and plumbed)
  • Cooking equipment
  • Heating and /or air conditioning that provides heating separate from that provided by the engine
  • Separate electrical power system; with external 110V-125V electric hook-up
  • Drinkable water supply system with external fresh water hook-up

One might get the impression they only want class A and ToterHome conversions.

It reads like the Motor Coach Assn. deffinition of a "coach"

I really would have liked more than 2 weeks notice.

Please note, none of the questions speak to weight or tandom wheels.

16 October 2013
11:14 PM

Maybe someone got the folks at Natl to review your configuration.  

IMHO, they are still missing the point with your list of 7 items: the conversion items that makes us legal in multiple states is that FOUR of SIX items are certified (via official government inspection):

- separate heating and/or air cooling unit

- refrigerator

- shore power

- toilet facility

- cooking facility (like microwave oven)

- fresh-&-gray water

It should NOT be the insurance carrier's prerogative to determine a valid MH conversion; it's in the legal description on the vehicle's title.  

It was my understanding that NATL decided to (simply) shut-down their coverage of tandem-dually truck conversions, without any further discussion or consideration... claiming their filings with insurance regulators did not cover vehicles with GVWR exceeding 26,000#.  (IF there was some legal authority to confirm our GVWR, most of our units would exceed that number, considering 19-23k for the tow vehicle, plus 5-8k hitch weight of the heavy fifth-wheel trailer that inspired our use of this size tow vehicle in the first place!)

I guess we owe a debt of gratitude to the "Renegade" company that paved the way with their truck-frame conversions.


17 October 2013
08:21 PM

But many states do NOT require 4 of the 6 items. Each state is different.

Also, the insurance carrier is not determining whether it is a "valid" MH conversion, they are simply saying that if it doesn't fit their requirements they do not want to cover it. Whether the state calls it a MH or a pink elephant is irrelevant, if the carrier doesn't want to insure it then that is their prerogative.

17 October 2013
09:46 PM

I'm gonna check back with Blue Sky and a couple of other insurance companies next week.  I had been paying the commercial rates and wanted to get it changed.  My truck is registered in Texas as a private truck.  I called the county, and they changed my GVWR from 48k to 25.5, simple as that.  It still gives me several thousand pounds to work with as far as loading my truck.  From my heaviest loads so far, i will be roughly 1500-2000 lbs from being over. 

Dave & Jenney
18 October 2013
08:30 PM

Here is a little update on our posting about a non-renewal notice.

Called Interstate and got their requirements and was told we must meet all items or could not be written.

Wrote them a nice thank you (really)

Called our agent at Explorer RV. Our agent Becky did some checking and it was decided

that my Kenworth motorhome could be written by same carrier under MDT clasification

but not as a motorhome classification. Have not got more back yet to know what that means.

Will keep you posted as I expect now to be answering questions about tandem axles and GVW

which from earlier postings here have not ended well. The short notice clock is ticking away.

Dave & Jenney
28 October 2013
07:03 PM

Final update, I hope.

   Well the thing ended up just like I thought. National Interstate wrote a new policy as medium duty truck, even sent me the paperwork, but before I could sign and pay they called about the tandem rears. I said yes, they said no but would you like us to still write your 5er policy. 

   Called Blue Sky where I had no problems at all. They got some pictures, called it a MDT, put the trailer in with the full time policy and the whole thing cost me about half what I was paying before. Life is good.

HERO Maker
28 October 2013
10:29 PM

Chalk another one up for Blue Sky!
29 October 2013
06:01 AM
>Having been in insurance for 20 yrs, don't wait for a claim to find out. If there are any ambiguities in the policy wording, it is supposed to be decided in FAVOR of the insured, since the Co wrote the policy. But your second line of defense in a claim situation is the agent. Get ALL your conversations in writing regarding when you are/are not covered. If you have a claim and it is denied based on one of these things, your agent is liable for misinforming/misleading you. They have E&O (errors and omissions) coverage for when they screw up, and you can collect from them. But again, get it in writing, burn the emails onto a CD, whatever and keep them with the policy. And don't have a claim...........

Can someone provide a ph# for "Eric", I'd like to compare my pricing vs Progressive (who will NOT insure the HDT if not used specifically in conjunction with "camping").


HERO Maker
29 October 2013
08:36 AM
Blue Sky RV Insurance
PO Box 4425,
Akron, OH 44321
Toll free: 866-484-2583