Looking For Insurance in Texa

Looking For Insurance in Texas

Looking For Insurance in Texas

any recommendations?

15 April 2010
05:25 PM
Somebody mentioned State Farm recently, anyone have an agent I can call.  The two I spoke with here say it's a commercial truck and requires a commercial policy.  Even my local Progressive agent says "commercial."  I'm open for any other recommendations also.  If I don't have any luck with y'alls suggestions I am going to work my way down the list that's in the resource guide.
15 April 2010
06:53 PM
Hi: I got my insurance through "Texas Farm Bureau.  My Volvo is now registered as a motorhome (another story on that one).  I did also go through the same thing until I provided them with the information that the State of Texas allows us to register as Motor Home.  But before I could get it transferred this way, I did have to have a DOT Inspection.  I provided insurance agent with the pictures of the progress that I have made so far, and also provided a picture of a truck that was finished as my final goal.

Rates aren't too bad considering. My agent is Barbra, here in Canton TX.
Hope this helps you.

Jack Mayer
15 April 2010
07:40 PM
I went with Allied through Farm & City.  The only restriction is that I can not use it as an independent RV, or tow others rigs with it.

National Interstate through Poliseek has no restrictions....at least mine did not.  A new policy may.

16 April 2010
07:22 AM
When i tagged my truck in Texas they charged me a Tax for air because of the Cummins motor as a motorhome did anyone have this problem $300.00
Jack Nichols
16 April 2010
09:59 PM
I went from Progressive at $2,200 a year to State Farm at $700 a year.  Primary reason for less was the move from Fort Worth area to rural Plainview, Texas, south of Amarillo.
Art (and Nancy)
18 April 2010
07:24 PM
If you qualify, try USAA.
Dutch & Di
19 April 2010
12:50 AM
We've been with National Interstate through AON for quite a few years.  Reasonable rates and the only claim we had was handled quickly and efficiently.  Hugs, Di
renegade warrior
20 April 2010
12:27 PM
Mine is with National interstate also, just rec'd the next year's policy for both 2000 770 and 42' 5er, came to $1550.00 full coverage on both.

No inspection great to deal with over the phone.

Phil D
23 April 2010
09:27 PM

Dirt, on Apr 16 2010, 08:22 AM, said:
When i tagged my truck in Texas they charged me a Tax for air because of the Cummins motor as a motorhome did anyone have this problem $300.00

Just bad timing, Dirt.  The "Diesel Tax" was only in effect for a very brief period, then repealed.  I wasn't charged it on my T2000 when I moved to Texas a year ago this past February.

Jim Vonwolske
12 May 2010
11:21 PM
I am planning for a class 8 Western Star truck.

Insurance quotes was so irritating.  Finally, got to C&C Marketing and Insurance, Livingston, TX. 936 425 5041 Chris (wife) and Charles Yust have their act together.  She knew exactly what I was looking for and made a great package deal for the tractor, my Chevy Suburban, and boat trailer under GMAC, including Good Sam roadside service.
She was the only one who did not vacillate on the specifics.

Progressive is NG
Foremost is NG for tractors unless fully converted by a factory=baloney.
Blue Sky said no to heavy trucks.
National Interstate was rude and not interested in discussing the deal.
American Modern=NG.
Miller RV is in Oregon? and not a viable alternative.

It was Foremost, who wanted to underwrite the Class 7 or Class 8 (HDT) as a Medium Duty Truck (Class 5 or 6), because the computer didn't know how to handle a HDT.  Imagine that, Commit fraud on your application and then expect them to support you after the accident.  Sheez.  The spin I got is that we shouldn't even be driving such big trucks, but we will take your money.  NO way.
Jim Vonwolske, P.E.
Austin, TX

13 May 2010
05:38 AM
I think they take what they can get !!!
13 May 2010
07:00 AM
GMAC, cheaper than those mentioned above, and had no problem with me using the FL for a daily commuter as the others did.
Jack Mayer
13 May 2010
08:36 AM
John, you are grandfathered in GMAC.  I also had them at one time years ago - around the time you bought your truck.  I recently tried switching back to them.  They would not take me, except under a commercial policy.
18 May 2010
03:06 PM
We are talking with Farm & City as we speak.  No problem, very easy to deal with.  We are moving up to a class 7-- 2L M2 112.
Pa and D Carson
28 March 2010
06:26 PM
Dave K
I have State Farm on my I-H 4400.  I have been with State Farm for years.  I pay $500 and change.  Trailer on or off is ok. In AK liability insurance for F250 is $300.