22 March 2010
12:31 PM
I got a call from my insurance company last week, Farm & City.  They said Progressive will no longer cover my HDT if it is pulling ANYTHING except my living quarters horse trailer.

Any ideas on where to go for a more flexible insurance plan?

Thanks for the help!

Jack Mayer
22 March 2010
01:06 PM
Only one I know of with no restrictions is National Interstate.  All the rest are either commercial, or tied to an RV policy which restricts towing to the insured RV.  I just got a new policy with Farm & City underwritten by Allied.  That is the case.  If you find any other than NI let us know.  My prediction of non-renewals is starting to happen.  I just hope that ALL companies will not drop HDTs altogether.  But I think that could happen.
D K.
22 March 2010
01:21 PM
So much for the argument that there is more RV resale value verses commercial truck market m

Anyone know if this appears to be applying strictly to the sleeper conversion HDT's or is this also going to target the full bodied coach conversions like Transport Designs, Showhauler or Kingsley etc.?...

Dan Zemke
22 March 2010
03:36 PM
Is your impression that endangered future coverage applies to the truck itself, liability or both?
22 March 2010
04:41 PM
I agree with Jack i.e.; HDT specific coverage will eventually be non-existent...that however does not mean insurance coverage will not be avail.

The "factory" built MHs/coaches will be covered under a "Motor Home policies" currently avail thru most underwriters.

And the HDTs /MDTs will be covered under "Commercial policies" again currently available thru most underwriters.  Which in turn will translate to higher premiums than we are currently paying

Jerry and Lois
22 March 2010
10:51 PM
So, what is pushing this issue?  Are the insurance companies experiencing high losses?  My guess is that it is their concern of folks sneaking commercial use in under an RV policy.  Probably their method of trying to control the slick operators.  If they can continue to make money on the policies why would they pull them?
Ann N Gene
23 March 2010
12:10 AM
Pure and simple----GREED, force you to a commercial policy and big $$$$$$$. just my opinion, yours may differ.
23 March 2010
05:24 AM
Maybe the government will step in and take control like they are doing with the health insurance business.  That should fix the problem.  I doubt GREED is the motivating force but as was said, by those using the RV for commercial use, it only takes a few to ruin it for everyone.
23 March 2010
07:22 AM
Last summer I received the same info from Farm & City.  I tried Poliseek as others on this site had used them, I explained what Farm & City had said, they said it was not a problem and checked with their carriers and I was covered by Progressive.  It doesn't make sense to me but Poliseek said that they were a large carrier or something to that effect and that I was covered and as long as I was not doing commercial hauling I was OK.  I had a hail damage claim last summer on both the Volvo and the Sunnybrook and they covered it with no problem.
23 March 2010
07:34 AM
Don't listen to Farm & City!  They are trying to scare you into going with another carrier (probably Allied) telling you that crap!  Yes, the policies are restrictive, but I have it in writing & will send the scoop if you PM me with an off-forum address.  They tried to pull that on me, & when I asked them how Allied was different, they couldn't tell me.
Jack Mayer
23 March 2010
10:17 AM
I don't know why that would make any difference, Dave.  There is still more value in the RV marketplace, and you can still get the truck insured.  Not everyone wants to pull things other than their RV.  And if you do, then you can get insurance to do so - it is just more expensive.  At least, that is my opinion.  (But it still takes longer to resell to the RV market than commercial - no question on that one...)
23 March 2010
10:23 AM
We just got the same thing from Farm & City (insured with Progressive) about 2 weeks ago.

Called Progressive and they didn't know what Farm & City was talking about.

Dumped Farm & City and went with another insurance company who told us it wasn't a problem.  I explained it in great detail and still she insisted that she understood and again told me it was not a problem and we would be insured bobtail or towing.

I rarely drive anywhere while not towing my trailer anyway but what about that rare occasion?  What if I need to pick up a friends trailer?  or what if I need to pull a car trailer to go get my broken car?  I'm not covered?  That doesn't work for me.

I don't like the feeling that someone isn't looking out for my best interests and trying to take advantage of me to make a few extra dollars.  There are several posts on this forum of Farm & City doing this and many people who have called Progressive just to find out the opposite.  I have never read of anyone who contacted Progressive and was told the same information that Farm & City has been telling us.  So I don't know if that is Farm & City's policy or what.  It seems to me that if I have two separate policies, 1 for the tow vehicle and 1 for the trailer, then they are covered separately just like if it was a pickup.  If it has to be coupled to the trailer all the time and is counted as 1 unit, then I should only be paying for 1 policy.  No?

So long story short, try someone else is my advice.

Jack Mayer
23 March 2010
10:27 AM
The issue is one of having an "RV" policy.  RV policies are tied to usage.  In other words, it has to be used as insured - as an RV hauler.  If you want a broader policy they are available.  And they cost more.  Allied has my RV Policy restricted to towing MY RV only.  I literally cannot hook another RV to it, for any reason, and be covered.  I can otherwise use the truck as I desire for bobtailing, BUT I can not use it as a standalone RV.  By itself.  SO in theory I can not sleep in it and take it camping without the RV.  That is a fine line....can I nap in it while at the Mall?  There are policies available that let you use it as a motorhome, but they are different policies.

More and more insurance companies just do not want the bother and liability of our trucks.  It is DIRECTLY tied to mis-use of them, according to what I have been told.  People who use RV policies to haul racecars, horse trailers and personal trailers.  Those are not RVs.  If you have an RV policy then that is not the correct policy according to the insurers.....right or wrong, that is what they are saying.  What a pain in the butt....

As to Poliseek saying there are no restrictions with Progressive on better READ all parts of your policy document to make SURE that is the case.  DO NOT believe what they tell you on the phone.  The only thing that counts is what is in the policy document.  The reason I did not use Progressive is because as a fulltimer I got conflicting information from Progressive on that use.