Insurance Question


Insurance Question

Insurance Question

10 February 2010
11:22 AM
I purchased a Policy for the 780 and 5er with Progressive thru RV America this week.  The policy includes an Emergency Road Service thru Progressive.  My question is has anybody used the Emergency Road Service thru Progressive before?  Where you happy with it?  Am I better off looking at something like Coach-Net?  I am only worried about towing and road side repairs (i.e. flat tires) as it deals with the HDT.  Any experiences that could be shared would be appreciated.
10 February 2010
12:29 PM
Hopefully someone with specific experience (with Progressive) will chime in soon.  I have Allied Insurance on mine with towing/roadside assist.  I had a breakdown last fall in Georgia and had to call.  They hooked me up with a tow company but said I would have to pay the tow bill or emergency service fees outright and submit the receipts to them to get reimbursed.  The mechanic replaced the fuel filters and got me rolling.  I faxed Allied the receipt when we got home and got their check in the mail a few weeks later (labor and response fee only, no parts).  I was surprised at the fact I was going to have to pay for the charges up front.  This was different than my prior Good Sam ERS which we had used for both the 5er and HDT in years past.  Both of those times we just had to show them our road service ID card and was good to go.  Of course you still have to pay outright for any parts/tires etc.  Progressive's may be different but we are going to re-up with Good Sam ERS (or similar) because I don't want the hassle of having to come up with several hundred $$ for a tow or service call up front.
Ray H
10 February 2010
01:08 PM
I also have Progressive but have never had to use their built in towing feature.  I'm going to pick up Coach-Net due to all the positive info I've seen posted on this site over the last few years.
10 February 2010
02:45 PM
I had Allstate do an early cancellation years ago.  They've had none of my business since.
D K.
03 February 2010
11:25 PM
I had Progressive when I blew an inside dual on I-75 in south Georgia a couple of years ago.  After a lot of time spent waiting, primarily due to some mis-communication between agents, a truck was dispatched to assist me.  However, the only company available was not part of their "system", so I had to pay the bill up-front.  After submitting the bill to Progressive, they reimbursed me in full.  After spending a couple hours stuck just inches from the driving lane in a construction zone on a busy interstate after dark, I was thrilled to have a service truck show up with lights flashing, and didn't really care that I had to pay up front.  I had to agree to it before the truck was dispatched, so I really didn't have any choice, as that was the only way I would get the assistance.  I now have Allied, but have not had to use their road service, so I don't know that the same situation would have been handled any differently.
Dick & Suzzie
10 February 2010
07:38 PM
We had Progressive on our Class C.  Had a few service calls, one 50 mile tow, only problem was even with all our info on their screen, the couldn't send a service truck big enough to do the job.  The 50 mile tow was the only time the service driver didn't have a hart attack when he got there.

No prepay on anything.

10 February 2010
08:08 PM
Totally unbelievable!  (but I do believe you....)

This is what I received from Progressive after I took out a policy with them.  RV America switched me to Interstate.  I don't know about Progressive ERS, but Coach Net is great.  GS ERS (IMHO) is a joke.  They left me stranded twice!  I will be a Coach Net subscriber for the Volvo and trailer for a long time to come.  They rescued the Volvo with barely a blink of the eye when the front wheel buried up to the hub on the edge of my driveway.

10 February 2010
09:36 PM
I had been with GOOD SAM since 1976 up until last year that is over 30 years.  I dropped out since I no longer know what there giving me.  Our 1st RV was a 32' HOLIDAY RAMBLER TT.  In the 34yrs, and over 300k miles we have rolled up, I have used a number of different insurance companies and types of RVs.

I have always kept 2 road service companies in my wallet, even today.  I have always kept "ALLSTATE" ROAD SERVISE even today.  Originally because I used there auto insurance and I still do for my cars.  Today they offer "RV ROADHELP" which I feel is very good and well worth the money.  For years it was $69, then $79, now I think its up to $109.00, still worth it to me.  Aside from coming to your aid, for jump starts, fuel, lock out etc. and general help, which I use on all my vehicles, one very IMPORTANT item not to be forgotten is "BOND CARD" good for use if you get a ticket for under $1000.00.  This lets you KEEP your license and be on your way to fight again another day.  I believe while on a trip, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE IN YOUR POCKET!!!!  Have you ever been asked, "can I see your license please"!?  Ah WELL I have a ticket, wrong answer!

Since I dropped "GS ERS" I picked up COACH NET.  While at the "ESCAPADE" LAST YEAR I became a believer.  Seeing the way the COACH NET people were handled, I WANT THAT SERVICE!  The campground was swarmed with tow trucks, many waited for hours to get towed, others waited for a call back with and OK from there carrier.  The COACH NET people called COACH NET gave them their information then sat back and relaxed till the right sized truck showed up, usually in and hour or so.  Popped them out, signed the ticket and on there way.  No fuss, no muss, and the tow truck drivers would tell you, "We take care of Coach Net first." 

I'm not sure but I think my "GS ERS" was a little over $100.00.  After a lot of discussion on this forum I decided that when the time came I would move from GS.  After last summer I'm glad I did as I did.  MY insurance is through AMERICAN MODERN HOME out of Cincinnati, OH.  I have my whole rig covered by them.  I'm TICKLED with them.  Now the big question, whether to add COACH NET's BEST ROAD service, (3 levels available) w/unlimited towing to a repair shop.  It added $38.00 to my policy.  Oh I guess the thirty #s of junk mail every month from GS is worth something, not much else in my book.  I hope this helps a little anyway, but don't forget a "GET OUT A JAIL CARD"!  Don't Leave Home Without It!
In The Faith

11 February 2010
02:09 AM
I, too, would advise Coach-Net -- for all the reasons already cited.

We dropped American Modern and got nearly 40% reduction switching to Progressive (via Miller's); the Progressive policy came with ERS, but when I inquired, I learned they would *only* tow,,, no roadside assist of any kind.  I quickly added Good Sam ERS (being the cheapest), BUT when we start criss-crossing the country again (later this year), I will re-add Coach-Net.  (They saved our bacon 4 times in the two years I had their coverage.  Only one actual tow-to-shop was needed, other events were road-side assist (and one was phone referral to a shop that fixed the fuel-line leak for under $50!@!).

11 February 2010
10:16 AM
It is sounding like having a 2nd ERS may be worth the piece of mind.