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charlie and sue
10 September 2009
06:36 AM
We are looking at a 2002 Volvo 630 today and need help getting insurance for it.  So far premiums have been high to the point that I am having doubts about this.  It would have to be commercial for now, there is nothing in it to be rated as a motor home in Florida.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Charlie and Sue

10 September 2009
07:47 AM
Can you give more specifics???  If you intend to purchase but don't need to use the vehicle on the road right away most states have a "title only" registration.  What this means is that as long as you don't need to have the vehicle on the road you won't need to license/insure the vehicle until you intend to use it.  This can give you time to convert it to RV specs and have it inspected/titled as an RV prior to licensing and insuring.  You can check with your state highway patrol or the agency in your state that does the inspections and quite possibly they have a mobile unit that can come to you to do the inspection.&  Once the magic wand is waved and the unit is considered an RV you can take the paperwork to the licensing agency and have it licensed/insured at a much lower rate.
Ray H
10 September 2009
04:57 PM
Insurance should not be an issue even when registered as a truck.  In some states like I am in Arizona, you cannot register as a motorhome.  All trucks, even my Chevy dually, is registered as commercial/weight ladened, just like my Volvo.  I am currently weight ladened at 23,000# for the Volvo, with tags costing approx. $1,100 per year.  My insurance is through Progressive (their RV Division), and the cost on the Volvo is under $600 per year for full coverage.  I do have to keep the 5th with them on a separate policy.  With both the State of Arizona and Progressive, I did have to state that I would not be using the Volvo for any commercial purposes.  If asked, it's easy to prove when the trailer air lines are removed that the big old truck hitch-em-up became a small Trailer-Saver Air Hitch.  I even qualify for and have custom license plates.
10 September 2009
06:13 PM
I went to Trese at Farm & City after getting recommendations from other HDTers.  She knows the ropes as well as any agent out there.

My truck and fiver in signature below are insured for $1,100/year with National through Farm & City.  As an independent agent, they can pick the best company for your circumstances.  I am a resident of Lake Co. MT, most of which is Flathead Indian Reservation - an expensive place to insure because of the very high number of uninsured motorists.  Even though my truck is a class 7, it is insured as an MDT because it has a title wt. of 20K# determined and assigned by MT State, even though it has a total GAWR of 35,XXX# and only weighs 16,XXX bobtail.  Neither I or the insurance agency are misleading the insurance co.  The complete VIN and other facts are clearly disclosed.  I guess they know what they are doing.

I know this is confusing, but most HDTers find that their circumstance is unique.  Therefore, it is prudent to get an insurance agent that understands our situations.

10 September 2009
08:43 PM
I bought my HDT in June 2008, and my FW trailer in November 2008.  Until I purchased my FW, I had to insure my HDT under an expensive HDT non-commercial policy. Once I purchased the FW, I could insure both the FW and HDT under an RV policy much cheaper.  One option was to purchase an old FW in June 2008 to get the lower rate, and then scrap it once we bought the new trailer, but I didn't want to go through that hassle.  I'm with Farm & City now, but when I just had the HDT they couldn't get me insured under an RV policy even though I registered the HDT as an RV in Ohio prior to purchasing the FW.
Jeff- C IL
11 September 2009
10:35 AM
One note here: My insurance company (I use Country Companies here in IL) was far more concerned with the fact that it was a "modified" vehicle than what I was going to use it for.  They swallowed the RV, no problem, but when I mentioned that the interior had been modified to seat more people!!!!!  I had to send them pictures of the vehicle in and out with clear views of the seatbelts, etc. before they were willing to insure it.  Best to avoid the word MODIFIED!
renegade warrior
11 September 2009
02:51 PM
Hi, I went through this in south FL (Naples) with my 2000 770 just 3 months ago.  Before I went to get the truck in N.C. I purchased insurance from Polyseek.  I paying $832.00 for the truck and $550 for an 06 37' toyhauler.  The truck is non commercial and no special DL.

Polyseek was great to deal with and easy payments too.

to register in FL you have to meet at least 1 of three criteria to be a motor home.  My 770 has the shore power outlet under the drivers door.  I took a picture of it both open and closed and before going to get title and tags, had the conversion guys at Central Carolina Volvo strip off all 5th wheel related items that could be seen and install a regular receiver hitch.  They took picture of the back of the truck showing the hitch.

They also had the truck weighed and took a picture of the scale readout and had it notarized.  All of this along with the transferred tile, proof of insurance went to the tag office, (there is a single office in Naples with just one clerk) and as long as you do not mention the words "fifth wheel" I was in and out in 5 minutes, 2 yr. tag and temp tile in hand and donated $2750.00 to the county and state (sales tax also) flew to N.C. and got our modified Motor home.  It's the best investment I've done in a while.

12 September 2009
03:18 AM
Miller Insurance did ours -- they put us thru Progressive based on Calif. address; saved over $400 vs. Garden City (aka, American Modern) our first 2 years of coverage.  It's now costing us just under $1200 per year for HDT and 5'er.

Farm & City, Miller, Polyseek -- they are the top dogs that know the situation with us. In my case, I got the insurance binder on the truck almost 2 months before the 5'er was built -- no big deal; only caveat was the commitment to do both, once we took delivery on the new 5'er.

Main caution I would advise --- consider Coach-Net for ERS; they are aces, have bailed us out 3 or 4 times, they know how to help HDTers.  FWIW, our old (American Modern) came with Coach-Net; our new (Progressive) came with Cross Country (same thing that Camping World & Good Sam uses) but they would not send out mobile service tech when I had a battery connection problem; called Good Sam (my backup ERS) and they didn't hesitate to dispatch Mobile Mechanics!


12 September 2009
03:22 PM
Hey Marv, I also was with National thru Farm & City until recently.  My policy was due to expire so I called Trese at Farm & City to renew and she told me about Victoria Insurance.  Better coverage than National and my rate for the truck and trailer combined went from $1100 down to $765 per year.  Check with them about it when it's time for your renewal.