Who Uses State Farm for your HDT


Who Uses State Farm for your HDT

Who Uses State Farm for your HDT

02 September 2009
01:48 PM
Hi Everyone,
I am trying to line up insurance for a HDT.  My local agent is not familiar with a HDT.  My car and pick-up truck are with State Farm.  Does anyone use State Farm to insure their HDT?  If so, what does it fall under ?

What category?  I need help to help my agent.

All ideas are welcomed,

02 September 2009
02:07 PM
I know some people here are insured with State Farm.  I live in Wisconsin and had everything insured with State Farm and the underwriter here said they do not insure HDTs.  I called Trese Hallett at Farm & City Insurance Services, and got the truck and 5th wheel insured with no problem and the 5th wheel was $150.00 a year less than with State Farm.

I have always been satisfied with State Farm but I think with the HDT you are better off with a company that understands what we are doing.

02 September 2009
07:13 PM
"SIBERNUT" started an interesting thread in the - "General RV Information" forum.
(maybe he's the guy to ask about anything "Farm & City")

Click for the thread:> Progressive Insurance "Surprise" for TV's

BTW - can't speak for HDTs, but (IMO) State Farm is way overpriced for anything with wheels.

02 September 2009
07:37 PM
Before the great Florida State Farm homeowners insurance debacle I had State Farm for everything for many years.  When we started thinking about a motorhome in '03 local agent said they didn't do MH's but would call the district office.  They gave me a quote.  But we bought an F450 instead and went through the same deal.  Got the coverage and had it until we traded for the MH.  By then SF covered MH's.

Only weird thing was that every year State Farm would send me a letter asking me to confirm the VIN for the State of Fla.  No big deal.  Turns out that the state considered the vehicle commercial regardless of use while SF considered it private.  So every year it bounced out of the state's computer system.  It was a minor annoyance.

02 September 2009
11:53 PM
I have State Farm.  Around $600 per year.
Bob Speckman
03 September 2009
10:58 AM
I also have State Farm on my HDT for around $600 yearly.  It took some special effort on the agents part to get it insured.  It probably helped that I have all my other vehicles and kids also have all their insurance with the same agent with State Farm.  It is registered as a motorhome in MN. but shows as a SEMI on the insurance Card.
05 September 2009
07:12 AM
Thank you for the help.  By using the term "Toter Home" I was able to help my State Farm agent give me a quote for insurance on a HDT.  This was the first "Toter Home" or HDT that my agent has done.

I would like to thank everyone for their help.
Thank you.

05 September 2009
01:10 PM
No problem Al,
Glad you were able to get things straightened out.

Take care,

Too Much Truck
05 September 2009
10:56 PM
State Farm was the only company that I could find that would insure my Kenworth T600.  As I sat with the agent inputting our information State Farm even had a category for HDT's in their system.  I was impressed.