Progressive Insurance for HDTs


Progressive Insurance for HDTs

Finally got some satisfactory clarification

09 August 2009
03:30 PM
For those who have Progressive for their insurer and have been wondering what to do about them apparently not covering our HDT's any more, here is some clarification I just got from Progressive after hounding them about this for about a month.

Bottom line seems to be around whether the HDT is the only vehicle in the household.  What I was told by Progressive is that if the HDT is only used between 30-150 days per year and that the household has another vehicle in it, then any usage of the HDT is covered, whether towing the 5er, a cargo trailer or running bobtail.  If the HDT is the only vehicle in the household, then they said its only covered when towing the 5er or when shopping or going for maintenance in conjunction with camping with the trailer.

The nut of it is that if you have own a second vehicle you are good no matter what you use the truck for.  If you don't own a toad then you need to limit the HDT usage and be careful.

Hope this helps.

P.S. this clarification was obtained for me by Scott D Smith <> who is an inside agent at Progressive after he conferred with their senior underwriters.

09 August 2009
06:12 PM
Thanks for the info!!  I don't suppose you can get something in writing from him, huh?  People have selective memories following a claim.
10 August 2009
03:24 PM
Thanks for the info as we are insured by Progressive via Thumb Insurance but have no problems as the HDT is one of many in our small fleet of cars and trucks
10 August 2009
03:56 PM
After reading your post last month I sent Progressive an E-mail and then sat down and read my policy from cover to cover.  I found no such language that limited coverage for non-tow driving.  I called Progressive and the sales agent said he was going to call claims and get clarification.  I said fine and I want to know where in the policy there is any restrictive language.  I also told him that I am a Certified Insurance Counselor as well as a Licensed Risk Manager w/the State of Texas for 31 years and can and have read a policy and I see no restrictive language in the policy.  He finally called back and said that the HDT would be covered when I was not towing the rig but only if it was used in conjunction with trailer related activities, repair, sight seeing etc.  I said fine where is it in the policy.  He said well, its not in the policy its just the way it is.  Well folks I have news for you, if it is not in the policy it does not exist.

My HDT policy is nothing more than a standard Texas Auto Policy, regulated and approved by the state, and I imagine nearly all other policies in other states are the same.  Companies like Progressive have what I have always called an incestuous knowledge transfer.  One person, the trainer, who was taught by the last person who did not know squat, is teaching the next person all they know which is squat minus.  They may very well have an underwriting guideline that says they do not want to write people whose only auto is an HDT, but guidelines are exactly that, guidelines.  I do no how many time over the years an underwriter told me something was or was not covered and I asked the simple question, where is that in the policy?

Anyway, I did not see restrictive non towing language in my policy.

10 August 2009
05:59 PM
Called Farm & City about our Progressive policy on 1999 Volvo motor home, we were told in no way were we covered if we were not connected to our 5th wheel even though we carry a Smart car!!

I contacted Peak Insurance Agency, (NOTE, Please add to the resource list)
16 S. Hill St.
Winchester, IL. 62694
(217) 742-9595
Attn: Pat

They covered our Volvo with FOREMOST Ins.

10 August 2009
06:38 PM
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IMO - the *real* problem is Farm & City