Need Insurance Options

Need Insurance Options

Progressive changing terms

11 June 2009
06:32 PM
Just got a call from Trese (Farm & City).  She stated Progressive has changed their policy and now I am only covered if the truck is used with the trailer.  If I go to fuel up the Volvo, or any trips without the trailer, I am not covered, and I can no longer use it as a motorhome (camping).

What company are you using, and are you covered for uses like shopping and camping, without the trailer?  I need to renew soon, and need to do some shopping.
Thanks, Mark

11 June 2009
08:05 PM
I went through this a few months ago.  Poliseek was able to generate policies that covered me for separated use.
11 June 2009
11:39 PM
They don't want your business.  What tractor is never operated without a trailer?
12 June 2009
01:43 PM
We have National Interstate with Poliseek.  We are coming up for renewal in July so I had Poliseek do a comparison against Progressive last week and National Interstate was almost $500 cheaper with more coverage.
12 June 2009
06:56 PM
We have Allstate and it is only $310 a year full coverage with the HDT registered as an RV.
13 June 2009
01:05 AM
We just switch off American Modern, to Progressive (via Miller's Insurance) --- $1100 for both, separate policies; will be calling them up in regard this issue, to confirm all is A-Okay for separate operation!

One down-side of the switch was losing the Coach-Net coverage that AmModern provided,,,, so am faced with paying back $300 (of the $600 savings) to get the ERS coverage we want (Cross-Country does not compare well with CoachNet!).