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29 October 2009
03:43 PM
Hello everyone have been watching forum for a long time finally joined.  Has anyone had there 3 pedal auto shift not shift in auto mode between two gears, but it will shift manually through all gears. Thanks for any info.
Ray H
29 October 2009
07:14 PM
Have only had one problem with mine in the last two year where it would not shift.  Took a new XY Shifter and Transmission Control Module. Never had any problems since. Performs flawlessly.
29 October 2009
08:53 PM
First of all, welcome to the forums.  Nope, I've never had that kind of problem.  Sounds kind of strange
Roger S.
29 October 2009
10:52 PM
I've got an Eaton-Fuller Autoshift, and that's a problem I haven't run into.  Sounds to me like the transmission is in Hold rather than Autoshift. Could it be a sensor problem?
Jack Mayer
30 October 2009
09:11 AM
Which 2 gears will it not shift through? Five/six?

Or will it not shift automatically through any gears?

Have you followed the Eaton troubleshooting flowchart?  Are you getting any faults reported?
30 October 2009
12:24 PM
I have an '00 Freightliner with the Autoshift and it has done that to me in the past.

Last summer it would do it on a regular basis, and then it got to the point where it would not only not shift in auto, but not even with the button.  Eventually we got it traced down to a short in the actual shifter unit atop the transmission, some $1200 and a new shift unit it works again.

I hope you don't have the same problem I did, as it took way to long to find the issue and make the repairs.
Best of luck with yours